Detailed Weather Conditions

Location: Bel Air, Maryland - USA
Longitude: 76 19' 7'' Western /  Latitude: 39 29' 55" North
Elevation: 385 feet

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Current Conditions


Last Updated: 8:50am on 2/26/24
Outside Temperature: 41.1F
Today's High: 41.1F at 8:48am
Lo: 33.3F
at 2:39am
Barometric Trend: 0.00
Sunrise: 6:41am  Sunset: 5:51pm

Moonrise:   8:05pm   Moonset:  7:46am

Moon Phase: 17


Value High Time Low Time Average Rate Rate Hi Time Rate Lo Time

Wind Direction

S 286 6:34am 117 8:23am 211 -26.3 73.5 6:34am -82.7 8:23am

Wind Speed

2mph 8mph 12:05am 0mph 12:19am 2mph 0.4mph 6.8mph 8:27am -2.6mph 1:02am


3mph 8mph 12:05am 0mph 2:20am 4mph -0.6mph 4.9mph 8:27am -3.7mph 1:25am

In Humidity

27% 28% 1:27am 26% 12:00am 26% 0.8% 2.0% 1:27am -0.2% 8:39am

Out Humidity

78% 86% 7:07am 77% 8:49am 82% -4.0% 2.6% 12:00am -5.1% 8:49am

In Temp

77.5F 77.5F 8:29am 75.9F 12:28am 77.1F 0.36F 0.51F 8:29am -0.54F 12:28am

Out Temp

41.1F 41.1F 8:48am 33.3F 2:39am 37.7F 3.35F 3.60F 8:41am -0.68F 1:56am


29.99in 30.02in 12:00am 29.98in 6:16am 29.99in 0.00in 0.01in 7:42am -0.02in 4:24am

Yearly Rain

7.12in 7.12in 12:00am 7.12in 12:00am 7.12in 0.000in 0.000in 12:00am 0.000in 8:50am

Wind Chill

41.0F 41.1F 8:50am 27.9F 12:05am 37.1F 3.89F 4.10F 8:41am -5.28F 12:05am

In Heat Index

76.5F 76.6F 8:33am 74.8F 12:28am 76.1F 0.40F 0.60F 8:33am -0.54F 12:28am

Heat Index

45.1F 45.1F 8:48am 37.5F 2:39am 42.3F 2.81F 3.13F 8:34am -0.71F 1:56am

Dew Point

34.8F 34.8F 8:34am 27.8F 2:39am 32.7F 2.03F 2.71F 8:34am -0.86F 1:21am

Press Altitude

415 Daily Rain 0.00in Degree Heating 9.4days Monthly Degree Day Cooling 0.0days Heat Index --- Beaufort Light Air

Cloud Base

1581ft Hourly Rain 0.00in Degree Cooling 0.0days Monthly Wind Run 1133miles Comfort Index Cool    

Air Density

-669 Yesterday Rain 0.00in Moon Phase 17 Yearly Deg Day Heating 1318.3days Forecast Increasing clouds with little temperature change    

Virtual Temp

42.4F Rain Rate 0.000in/hr Monthly Rain 1.38in Yearly Degree Day Cooling 0.0days Station Barom Trend Steady    

Vapor Press

0.20 Wind Run 16 miles Monthly Deg Day Heating 552.7days Yearly Wind Run 2706miles Barometer Trend Steady    
mtr002KBWI mtr001KBWI mtr003KBWI Temp:  mtr004KBWIF Dew Point:  mtr005KBWIF Humidity:  mtr006KBWI% Barometer:  mtr007KBWI in Wind Direction: mtr008KBWI Wind Speed:  mtr009KBWI mph      
  Cloud Height:  mtr012KBWI k Sky:  mtr013KBWI Weather:  mtr014KBWI Rain/hr:  mtr015KBWIin Wind Chill:  mtr016KBWIF Heat Index:  mtr017KBWI F Visibility:  mtr011KBWI miles


Wind Gust:  mtr010KBWI mph


mtr002KMTN mtr001KMTN mtr003KMTN Temp:  mtr004KMTNF Dew Point:  mtr005KMTNF Humidity:  mtr006KMTN% Barometer:  mtr007KMTN in Wind Direction: mtr008KMTN Wind Speed:  mtr009KMTN mph      
  Cloud Height:  mtr012KMTN k Sky:  mtr013KMTN Weather:  mtr014KMTN Rain/hr:  mtr015KMTNin Wind Chill:  mtr016KMTNF Heat Index:  mtr017KMTN F Visibility:  mtr011KMTN miles


Wind Gust:  mtr010KMTN mph



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